Handicapping enables golfers of differing skill levels to play equitably together- a vital and important component in the overall golf experience. As the authorized golf association and central handicapping authority in Minnesota, the MGA strives to uphold these values:

  • Peer Review - Golf clubs issuing USGA Handicap Indexes® must have a minimum of 10 members, and members must have a regular opportunity to play golf together
  • Score Posting - Each golfer will post every acceptable round for peer review
  • Rules of Golf - Golfers must follow the Rules of Golf when posting scores for handicap purposes.
  • Revision Schedule - Golf Clubs issuing USGA Handicap Indexes® must follow the MGA’s handicap revision schedule and score-posting season.
  • Handicap Chairperson - Golf Clubs issuing USGA Handicap Indexes® must have an appointed Handicap Chairperson to work with all handicap-related issues.
  • Club Licensing - The MGA has jurisdiction over all Minnesota golf clubs and has been designated by the USGA to administer the USGA Handicap System™ Licensing Program.